Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Natchez Trace

We traveled the 
Natchez Trace thru
part of Mississippi

Here are some of the sights

Color out the windshield.
Just starting out!


A creek bottom at one of the stops

An interesting tree.  We believe it is a 
oak.  There was a woodpecker in this tree.

A Graveyard with
Markers very old to 
relatively modern.

A stack fence.
There were several of
these through out 
the part of the Trace we

This is the only inn left on the
Trace.  It has be restored to
the version of the building
that was there in the heyday
of the Trace.


This is a view off the porch
of the inn.  The Spanish Moss
is amazing.


It started to rain near the end of the
Trace.  Here comes the Rain! 

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