Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 2010

The month of February is a big month for me and mine. Let see, there is Valentines Day, My Birthday, two of my three sisters birthday, and Tom and my Anniversary.

This weekend my three sisters, my mother, and I celebrated the birthdays.  We went out to a couple of meals and we shopped.

Here are couple of pictures I took this weekend.


This is the shared birthday cake.  As you can see there are only three candles.  Between the three of us we would have needed 170 candles.  We could not afford the fire permit.


This is (l to r) Mary the youngest, Linda, the 2nd youngest and Debbie the sister that doesn't have a birthday until October.  (another reason to have a weekend). I took the picture at the Texas Roadhouse were we had steaks on Saturday afternoon.  We were stuffed. 

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