Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Night -- Sunday Morning

It is late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, I can't decide.  It really isn't important. It is the middle of the night.  I am sitting at my computer with my two dogs.  We are wondering what the rest of the world is really doing.  It is finally quiet here.  The traffic on the road in front of the house is gone.  The neighbor's music is silent.  Now if only my mind would settle down for sleep I would be happy -- or at least able to rest.  

I was thinking about point of view earlier today.  Is your point of view different at different times in your life or in your day?  If you saw or heard the same thing two days or two years apart would it be the same experience?  I don't know.  Would the strange comment you heard yesterday be merely odd or would it be disturbing if you heard it tomorrow?  
Well maybe I can rest for a while.

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